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Books written by Loretta Gorrell



"Secrets in the Air"


When an everyday, well-intentioned airline attendant discovers and unspeakable criminal ring using Las Vegas as a center for its human trafficking operation, she springs into action.  With little more to go on than a suspicion at first, Maggie Morgan presses on, never giving up hope that she can end the horrific trauma of the victims and bring the criminals to justice.


In the midst of her investigation, Maggie falls in love with a man whose background is as mysterious as the bad guys she is tracking.  When she discovers his secret, her entire world is turned upside down, and the race to bring the traffickers to justice takes on a whole new intensity.

"The Nightmare Orderly"


Katie O'Connor a young RN, who just graduated from nursing school, finds a job working at a small hospital in Rolla, Missouri.  Katie is a fun loving girl who worked hard to get her "Nursing Degree".  Having her mind set on being a nurse she let herself go and was determined nothing else mattered until she accomplished her dream.  Katie gained a few pounds in the process but didn't worry about her looks until she falls for a gorgeous doctor who is trying to save the life of a little boy with leukemia.  Katie also finds herself involved with a couple of patients that had nightmares of someone raping them.


This book contains, mystery, romance, and comedy.


"You Lie"


Another family reunion at her aunt and uncle's ranch has Megan Walker in a dither.  She loves the ranch but her cousin Crystal taunts her constantly about not having a boyfriend and bringing him with her to the yearly event.  Desperate to enjoy herself this year she decides a little white lie wouldn't hurt anyone, right?


Wrong!  Hiring a male escort becomes a nightmare for Megan when her cousin decides she wants Megan's boyfriend.  Only after spending a few days with her pretend boyfriend, Megan begins to have very strong feelings for him.  Needless to say Cash, her male escort, has a big lie of his own.  Could love grow from this crazy situation Megan and Cash find themselves in?


This book will have you laughing out loud one minute and hanging on to the edge of your seat the next.  Grandma Rose will keep you in stitches and tries to warn Megan of her deceitful Cousin Crystal.

"Light of Hope"


After Hope Bridges wakes up in the hospital from a head injury due to a car accident, her life would never be the same.  Hope finds herself racing against time to save a man caught between Heave and earth.  With the ghost's help Hope fights and tells a few lies to keep Luke's parents from taking him off life support.  They had to prove he is really alive and will come back to them.  This story will have you laughing, crying and in suspense to see what will happen next.

If you enjoy a book filled with suspense, romance, and  

comedy you will love "Light of Hope".

"The Teddy Bear"


This is a book of color.  Children will love the teddy bears, as they change color and names.